Age Reversing Dentistry Florham Park, NJ

There are many ways to turn back the clock on aging, including carefully planned cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry. Dr. Udapya works with adult patients seeking to restore a more youthful appearance, choosing dental treatments best suited to treat both oral health concerns and provide a natural facelift.

Your smile is part of who you are and one of the most memorable features of your face. As we age the teeth can become worn, damaged, discolored or less noticeable due to changes in the lips and jaw area. Dr. Upadya incorporates digital photography to create an individualized plan of treatment that will address any dental health or bite problems while providing positive facial changes that reduce the signs of aging. A bigger, brighter smile can make you look years younger and boost your sense of confidence.

Dr. Upadya may recommend one of the following dental treatments, or a combination of treatments to achieve the desired result and ensure lasting dental health:

Age Reversing Dentistry: What to Expect

During a consultation, Dr. Upadya will take digital photographs to be used in treatment planning. He will discuss your personal concerns, goals and budget as well as any dental health problems that need to be addressed for a lasting, comfortable result.

Restoring the teeth and gums with appropriate dental procedures can affect the appearance of the face by enlarging the smile and filling out the lower face. In many cases, Dr. Upadya will realign the bite which has changed with age and tooth wear. A teeth whitening procedure can also take years off of your smile, reversing the damage of lifestyle habits and natural tooth darkening that occurs with age.

Before considering the more traditional route with a surgical procedure, schedule a consultation with Dr. Upadya to learn more about how cosmetic dentistry can help you achieve your cosmetic goals when it comes to facial esthetics. Dentistry will not only restore your appearance, but help maintain a healthy, functional smile that will enable you to enjoy a good quality of life each day.

Same Day Dentistry

Dr. Upadya has incorporated a wide range of dental technology into his Florham Park dentist office, including E4D CAD/CAM technology for producing same day ceramic dental restorations. E4D uses high quality materials and precision diagnostics to create dental crowns, inlays, onlays and other types of dental restorations- while you wait!

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