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Have you noticed white spots on your teeth and wondered what they are and what you can do about them? Dr. Raj Upadya of Esthetic Dental Care in Florham Park, New Jersey has a revolutionary treatment for white spots on teeth for a significant improvement in the esthetics and health of the tooth.

What causes white spots on teeth?

White spots on teeth are an indication of the demineralization of tooth enamel which may or may not lead to cavities. It is common for dentists and patients to notice white spots on teeth after orthodontic treatments. What happens during orthodontic treatment with metal braces is that food particles and other debris become trapped against the tooth and cause the tooth enamel to erode, leaving a white stain on teeth.

Other potential causes are fluorosis, hypoplasia, hypocalcification, erosion, tetracycline staining, xerostoma, and trauma. Heavy plaque accumulation, poor oral hygiene, diets high in sugar or acid (such as soda drinkers or citrus fruit eaters) may be another cause for white spots on teeth.

Treatment for White Spots on Teeth

Dr. Upadya is excited to be one of the first New Jersey dentists to offer Icon dental treatment for white spots on teeth. This is a minimally invasive technique that helps to reinforce the tooth enamel and reduce the appearance of white stains on teeth.

How Icon Dental Treatment Works:
First, Dr. Upadya covers the gums and teeth. Next, the affected teeth are cleaned and rinsed. Then, the Icon-Etch is applied to the tooth. This is hydrochloric acid which is left on for approximately 2 minutes. The etching material is then removed, the tooth is rinsed and dried. The etching process produces a surface that is ready to accept the icon filling treatment.

For the next part of the procedure, Dr. Upadya will apply a special Icon-Infiltrant solution to the tooth, allowing it to set before curing it with a special light. A second layer may be applied for desired results. The tooth is polished to a smooth luster.

The Icon dental treatment results in a significant reduction in the appearance of white spots on teeth. Icon dental treatment also stops the demineralization of tooth enamel and arrests the formation of cavities.

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